Monday, 17 January 2022

I have heard 4WDing can be dangerous, what precautions should I take to avoid being stranded?

When you go off road it’s a bit like going out in a boat. If you’re on the water you make sure you’ve got the best life jackets on the market, an EPERB and of course a working VHF radio. This is your “no brainer” safety gear, right? Well, what about you’re 4WD.

The standard stuff is taken care of, tyres, battery, fuel etc. and many think these are the common 4×4 safety “no brainers”. But as you’re well aware, things only go wrong when it is LEAST convenient or when you’re furthest from help. And you don’t have to be far from help to get yourself into real trouble.Here at Ultimate 4WD we specialize in pre-trip preparation and you would be surprised to learn how easy it can be to safeguard yourself against a potential tragedy, by following a few simple rules. Our specialists on staff are always keen to answer all of your pre-trip questions.