Thursday, 13 January 2022

Lift Kits & GVM Upgrades – Which One Is right For You?

We all feel the call of the wild- though some of us more than others.

Taking the road less travelled by is one of the great joys of life, and when in your 4WD this means you need to be properly fitted out and prepared for everything the wilderness might throw at you.

So this month, in the interest of making sure you’re vehicle is ready for anything in the outback, we are going through the types of lift kits you can buy for your off-roader, what you need to look for and some tricks and tips for when you purchase a lift kit for your vehicle!

Opt For A Lift Kit

Installing a lift kit has some great advantages, not only will your 4×4 look tougher but will also be able to tackle difficult and rough terrain, as well as the potential to overcome more and more obstacles, take you where you’ve always wanted to go and can help you sustain less damage to your 4×4. More clearance is something every 4WDer is looking for, and no doubt one of the best ways to get it is by installing a lift kit.

A lift kit will enable you to get bigger tyres under your guards, which are beneficial for getting your diffs away from the ground. Your 4wd won’t go far if the diffs bottomed out on solid ground. Another great advantage of a lift kit is the ability to go over the top of a hill or incline when there is a high centre and enable you to clear it without bottoming out.

Articulation is one thing that never goes astray when tackling those deep ruts. The higher your 4wd is the greater the flex you will have, and by proxy, the more flex you have the deeper the ruts, the deeper the ruts the harder terrain, the harder terrain the more fun you will have, the more fun you have most likely the more damage you will do but who are we kidding, as if you weren’t going to try anyway.

How Do Lift Kits work?

Well, a lift kit does not just provide you with smoother bumps, but it also makes a room for those big and heavy tires that many off-roaders need to get their hand on.

Before high-quality Lift Kits were on the market, some ingenious garage workers were working to fabricate all sorts of their suspension equipment in order to craft their own kits, but the outcomes were not safe. Now, the lift kit-makers designs safer and functional lifts kits that you can buy and install with an ease.

Do not forget to check out their systems and relevant liteature for technical issues for more information.

Choosing the right lift kit for your vehicles comes down to an important question you must ask yourself before making a purchase. What exactly do you want the kit for? Try to custom your lifts that suits your setup and provides you with better performance or safety.

Lift Kit Or GVM Upgrade?

Understanding GVM Upgrades is an important aspect to help keep you safe on the road and ensure that you are following all regulations with your 4WD vehicle.

For those who are new to 4W driving or vehicle maintenance, GVM is also known as the maximum weight allowed for a vehicle when it is fully loaded (Gross Vehicle Mass). The GVM of your vehicle is specified by the original equipment manufacturer. All vehicles have their requisite GVM standards that the vehicle owner or driver is required by law to uphold. Here are some comprehensive points regarding your GVM upgrades.

What’s Involved?

When you are first deciding whether or not to get a GVM upgrade done it is important to make sure that the brakes and axles are in good condition. An approved engineer will need to check the compliance plate and individual axle weights on your vehicle before any modifications can be done. It is good to remember that often the sum of the axle weights is larger than the approved GVM.

To give you an approximate guide, suspension upgrades are usually suggested for a load limit increase that is under 10 per cent. If, however, you require an upgrade beyond this, the engineer may suggest fitting a GVM upgrade kit. With these types of modifications you will be looking at an increase in cost, as you will be paying for the new suspensions, parts and the price of the engineer’s time.

Whatever the case for your upgrade to your car, one thing is for sure, is that choosing either a lift kit or a premium GVM upgrade for your 4WD vehicle, will guarantee that you get a far greater usefulness out of your vehicle.

If you’re considering a Lift kit or GVM upgrade for your vehicle, or for more information- speak to one of our staff members Ultimate 4WD about your options today!