Cargo Shelf

The Cargo Shelf is designed with a ventilated side panel to allow cargo to be stacked around your fridge without interfering with fridge operation or motor ventilation.

Manufactured in Australia from 2.5mm aluminium they are finished with a tough Millennium Grey ripple finish powdercoat to match our Fridge Slides and Cargo Barriers.
The Cargo Shelf is ideal for storing gear like solar panels or fold up chairs, keeping them handy but up and out of the way.

Infill Panel

The optional RV Infill Panel can then be fitted to your Easy Access Combo system to create a flat floor in the cargo area of your vehicle, which is ideal for daily use. The fridge slide can still be utilized as an accessory drawer.

Drawer Extension Table

The quick and easy RV Drawer Extension table creates an instant “kitchen” wherever you stop. When combined with our drawer Table Top lid, an extensive work surface is created.
Made from marine grade aluminium and powder coated in a grey ripple finish for a hygienic easy to clean surface.
This handy table is quick to set up with adjustable leg height. The table is designed to attach to the drawer face with clips provided. Two or more tables can be hooked together for serious kitchen duties.
Extra Clips are available if you swap vehicles (see below).
Also available are a tough, quality vinyl storage bag and a storage bracket which when fastened to the RV Dividing Barrier (under the Top Shelf), allows for convenient, secure vertical storage of your extension table.

NOTE: Leg extends from 745mm to 1200mm

SIZE: L890mm x W470  (table top)

WEIGHT: 5.8kg

Drawer Table Top

Dropped edge Drawer Table Tops create an instant work surface when you roll out the drawer. The folded edges prevent items from rolling off. Made of powder coated 2.5mm aluminium, they are light weight yet robust.

Drawer Dividers

Carpet finish galvanised metal dividers fit inside your drawers with a snug fit. Can be pushed into any position or permanently fastened

Drawer Tidy

A handy drop in powder coated aluminium tray that is ideal for cutlery and other small items that need to be easily accessible.

Finished in tough easy to clean grey ripple finish powder coat, the are a neat fit and can be
easily slid up and down the drawer or lifted out.

Wheel Bin Bag

is a tough UV stable PVC bag that’s ideal for all your dirty laundry, camping rubbish and all sorts of other uses.

It’s a must have for outback travel. It simply hangs on the spare tyre and straps around the bottom of the tyre with the included heavy duty rubber strap.

It is quick to fit and easy to remove and comes with a drain hole in the bottom making it easy to clean.

Size: 30 litre capacity.

Fits tyre sizes: 265-305mm width – 32-33 inch diameter

50L Water Tank

The RV 50L Water Tank is ergonomically designed to take up minimal space while delivering fuss-free water with a flick of a switch. The 6mm BPM-free food grade durable plastic water tank is designed to suit the contours of your cargo barrier thus taking up less space. It is also able to be used behind the upright fridge in your Tourer-1 and even behind the fridge slide or fridge enclosure in your easy access combo.

The RV Water Tank comes standard with –

  • SEAFLO Water Pump
  • Hose Kit
  • Mounting Base Plate
  • Ratchet Straps

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